Personal food experience tales sought by TV show
From: Raines Cohen (
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2006 06:58:28 -0800 (PST)
No, this isn't another "Wife Swap" type reality show solicitation (they're still at trying really hard to get people living in communities to participate, Zev and Neshama's episode more than a year ago must have gotten good ratings), just something I found that could be a good opportunity for people in cohousing to talk about common meals and how they've helped you in y our community / changed your life:

I found this on the Boing Boing blog (an interesting resource for innovative things):
Television producer [...] Ingrid Escajeda says,

I'm producing a series of short spots for the Food Network called "The Power of Food". They're basically little 60-second mini- documentaries that tell the story of real people whose lives were changed by food. They can be funny, touching, or both. For instance:

* How being part of cooperative garden in the middle of the inner city changed a kid's perspective on his future * Someone trying to track down a certain ingredient met a future spouse in the one store they found the ingredient in. * A woman quit her job to go home and take care of her cancer- stricken mother. She started researching nutritional treatments and ended up starting an organic farm business. I'm pretty much looking for anything with a strong, tangible hook, where food has really affected someone's life. They need to be more than just "I love food, therefore I became a chef or opened a bakery" (even though that's a great thing). They can be located anywhere within the U.S. If the story is chosen by the network, we'd go out and film the person telling their story, as well as any relevant things and places, i.e that person in the garden or kitchen, old photographs, etc. People MUST submit their stories through the website, but if they have any questions, they can email me at foodshorts-power [at]

Link to submission form at FoodTV website: 0,1904,FOOD_9785_43301,00.html


Even if you think your cohousing/food story is relatively mundane, please consider submitting -- just to help get their attention by noticing a pattern of people in cohousing --Raines

Who has been kinda quiet on the list lately because he is recovering from helping build buzz around elder and intergenerational cohousing / aging in community at the American Society on Aging/ National Council on Aging joint conference in Anaheim and working on fully relocalizing to Berkeley (CA) cohousing by finally selling my Swan's Market Cohousing (Oakland, CA) studio loft condo with the help of a realtor who has lived in two cohousing communities; helping organize East Bay Cohousing (EBCOHO) regional umbrella group participation in multiple local Earth Day events; helping develop regional networks through the Cohousing Association (Coho/US) board; off to the Fellowship for Intentional Community (FIC) board meeting in Madison, WI next week and interested in visiting with cohousing folks there and perhaps in Chicago on the way to or fro (and getting cohousing mentioned by Michael Feldman on the Whad'ya Know live NPR radio show); oh yeah, and supporting Senior Cohousing book author/ Cohousing Co. architect Charles Durrett in his upcoming "Train-The- Trainer" senior cohousing workshop at Nevada City Cohousing, April 24-28. Plus working with a consulting client who turns out to have offices in Temescal Commons Cohousing (Oakland, CA)


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