Sharing Tower, even has "pods" [was Re: [C-L]_ Design for interaction, secutiry, and integration]
From: Lion Kuntz (
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 17:52:24 -0800 (PST)
Grace sent in mention of MOMA Exhibit. I found something that
might match her reference, called "Sharing Tower" for students
and young adult marrieds with one child.
SOCIOPOLIS SHARING TOWER with computer-generated images. It even
has pods. Since it is apparently being built with 2007
completion date mentioned, it hardly can offer any
user-satisfaction data.

Just on the basis of what's shown I could list about 150 things
wrong with the design of the structures, but the social elements
which may be useful could be incorporated in better forms, which
matches Ken's list.

--- ken <gebser [at]> wrote:

> ...  One important aspect was that the places
> where
> activities were going on were incorporated into the living
> space, not in
> separate, closed off, out of the way rooms.  On the contrary,
> you
> couldn't get to your own room without at least passing by
> people doing
> things together. 
> ... Another point to consider is that this building had empty
> rooms, rooms
> not designated in advance for any particular use.  This
> allowed us to
> come up with our own ideas for the room-- or, better, when we
> had some
> activity that needed a room, there was one available without a
> months-long committee talking about it.  People and
> communities are
> unpredictable. ...
> * having activities in community is fine, but it's better when
> these are
> integrated with the living spaces.

> * the pod was part of the path to private spaces, not a
> separate room.

> * having to pass through a community space like this to get to
> private
> areas kept unknown people from private areas and so provided a
> good
> measure of security at no cost and no effort.
> * these places were also a good way to find people and
> activities or for
> them to find you-- without any special effort-- again, they
> were
> integrated into your life.
> All the above together enabled immediacy and spontaneity and
> was
> comfortable with the unpredictable and so fostered rather than
> hindered
> creativity and interaction.

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