What Do April 15, April 22 and May 13 Have In Common?
From: Joani Blank (joaniswansway.com)
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 20:50:22 -0800 (PST)

Yes, they are all Saturdays in the spring of this year. More to the point there is a wonderful Cohousing Association-sponsored COHOUSING TOUR on each one of these Saturdays:

April 15 -- Northern California (Sonoma County and the SF Bay Area)
April 22 -- Colorado (Boulder/Denver Area)
May 13 -- Massachusetts
May 20 --Washington, DC,  [this tour sponsored by Mid-Atlantic Cohousing]

At this writing, there are still seats available on all tours, but those April dates are coming up right quick so don't wait too long to sign up. For details and to register online c'mon over to the Cohousing Association's beautiful new website. http://www.cohousing.org/tours.aspx

Joani Blank
Tours Coordinator
Cohousing Association of the United States.

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