Another opportunity for communities: free ice-cream social
From: Raines Cohen (
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 09:35:25 -0800 (PST)
My Swan's Market Cohousing neighbor spotted this "neighborhood solute" offer from a local (Oakland, CA) company, one that many cohousing communities could probably qualify for (there will be 1500 winning neighborhoods):

Announcing the 2006 Dreyer's Slow Churned Neighborhood Salute! Tell us why your neighborhood deserves to win a Dreyer's Slow Churned ice cream block party. If you're one of 1,500 lucky winners, we'll deliver a party-in-a-box and enough FREE Dreyer's Slow Churnedfor 100 guests right to your door! All you have to do is invite the neighbors.

The entry form is pretty simple, and asks a bunch of questions that I believe most cohousing "intentional neighborhoods" would 'score' well on:

* Which of the following describes your neighborhood? Choices include 'Friendly' and 'Open/Accepting'.

* Which best describes your relationship with all of your next door neighbors: 'We're good friends and visit each other often' is the first choice.

* Do you know most of your neighbors better than, the same as, or less than your parents knew their neighbors?

the judging criteria include:

* Originality/Creativity 50%
* Enthusiasm 25%
* What makes your neighborhood special 25%

So don't hold back! Feel free to share your (350-word) essays as replies here on this thread, could be inspirational for others.

Revealing here my plans for the next 48 hours:

- Making donations today so my preferrered Congressional Candidates boost their 1st-quarter fundraising numbers:

- Bopping off to the Commonwealth Club this morning to hear CA Sen. Don Perata speak about The Disappearing Middle Class: http:// . Wearing my "Ask Me About Cohousing" button from Coho/US: (where I volunteer on the board of directors)

- serving a Berkeley coho common dinner tonight featuring an international smorgasbord taste of West Berkeley with donations from local restaurants, a preview of a food festival: http://

- promoting cohousing regionally this weekend at through East Bay Cohousing,

-- at tonight's SOULutionaries talk by a City Repair organizer: -- at tonight and tomorrow's Bay Area Relocalize gathering organized by the PostCarbon Institute - SF Bay Oil Awareness -- Peak Oil education: -- at tomorrow's Transportation and Land-Use Coalition (TALC) summit, co-organized by my Berkeley Coho neighbor:
-- at tomorrow night's SOULutionaries talk by Lynne Elizabeth, director of New Village Press (and Temescal Commons cohousing resident), -- at tomorrow night's Homegrown: a celebration of diversity, innovation and intention, at {SOL} collective in Oakland: http://

- Parading to celebrate the most holy day of the First Church of the Last Laugh: St. Stupid's Day!

- Perhaps participating as I go in Oral Pixation day:

- Supporting 'Fossil Fools Day', a Global Exchange/Rainforest Action Network campaign Saturday (probably going on near you, too!):

- Meeting with some cohousing neighbors Sunday morning to talk about Decision Logs. Darn, I'll miss the work day! ;-) - Hosting an open house this Sunday 2-4 PM for my Swan's studio loft for sale:

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