RE: French people on the list?
From: Paul Stickney (
Date: Sun, 2 Apr 2006 11:35:15 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Claire,

I saw your e-mail on the Coho listserve.  There is a community in France
that I understand considers themselves a "CoHousing" community.  They are in
the forming stage.  They already have the property.  The community is
Buddhist inspired...  They consider the community as being "eco-spiritual".
They are in Nimes, in southern France.  I have seen some pictures of the
property. It is incredibly beautiful.

I live in a CoHousing community in Paso Robles, California, called Oak Creek
Commons..... Personally, I love France, and would love to live there....
especially in southern France.  J'etais etudiant etranger a Grenoble,... il
y a une longue temps.  Here is the e-mail address for one of the founding
members of the group, whose name is Nick:

thedharmahouse [at]

Also, they have a website: The Dharma house community project

Info and discussion group at

Bonne chance,

Paul Stickney
PaloAltoMan [at]

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Are there any French people on this list? I mean some French people living
in France. Does anyone know of any Cohousing initiatives in France?

I am trying to start a group.



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