RE: French people on the list?
From: Claire Darbaud (
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2006 13:20:52 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Paul,

I had found this site before, it does look very nice and very interesting to
me, because I am indeed attracted to Buddhism. Yet, I can hardly see a
single line on their site that actually relates to Cohousing... 

Moreover, I am very scared that Cohousing as a whole might get the very
wrong sort of publicity out of this. "We ask that everyone make a commitment
to a daily meditation practice and the principle of non-harming. Alongside
the rest of the community you will also be invited to follow five
mindfulness trainings" says the site...

I am afraid this could lead to cohousing to be viewed like some weird
Buddhist sect by my fellow people. I think it is probably better if people
don't associate Cohousing and religion in their minds. 

What really attracted me to cohousing in the first place, was that there was
to be no shared ideology other then live together in a friendly neighborish
atmosphere. I've always felt very frightened by organised religions... I
feel my spiritual path needs not be guided/oriented by anybody outside of

What do you think? Are there a lot of religious cohousings in the states?

Thanks anyway...


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Hi Claire,

I saw your e-mail on the Coho listserve.  There is a community in France
that I understand considers themselves a "CoHousing" community.  They are in
the forming stage.  They already have the property.  The community is
Buddhist inspired...  They consider the community as being "eco-spiritual".
They are in Nimes, in southern France.  I have seen some pictures of the
property. It is incredibly beautiful.

I live in a CoHousing community in Paso Robles, California, called Oak Creek
Commons..... Personally, I love France, and would love to live there....
especially in southern France.  J'etais etudiant etranger a Grenoble,... il
y a une longue temps.  Here is the e-mail address for one of the founding
members of the group, whose name is Nick:

thedharmahouse [at]

Also, they have a website: The Dharma house community project

Info and discussion group at

Bonne chance,

Paul Stickney
PaloAltoMan [at]

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Subject: [C-L]_ French people on the list?

Are there any French people on this list? I mean some French people living
in France. Does anyone know of any Cohousing initiatives in France?

I am trying to start a group.



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