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Just as a quick example:
In some communities the problems with noise and exuberance of kids in the
dining room (not hearing clearly, being crashed into by kids, damage to
furniture, etc.) is seen as a design flaw of the room. Money is spent on
redesigning the space, budgeting for earlier replacement of fixtures, and
adding noise reduction elements. For many seniors the running, jumping,
screaming, and crying of kids in the dining room is seen as a discipline
problem not a design problem. But there is a huge amount of pressure to not
tell others how to raise their kids.

Similar situations exist with equity of resource distribution, wear and tear
on facilities, different safety considerations, etc. Long discussion ahead.
Anne @ Jackson Place Seattle

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   I was saddened to hear that anyone would be driven
out of cohousing by the needs of the children there,
and I'm anxious that it not happen in my community.
I'm a working mom of 2 small kids and could easily
have missed frustrations not strong enough to be
voiced.  Could anyone add to this piece?  How has this
friction played out in your community?

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