RE: Kids Vs Elders: Aging In Place
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We at Tierra Nueva love the presence of our kids.  Out of 28 households,
we have about 20 kids.  Some of them help cook and clean, and we have had
various celebrations (solstice, etc,) including kids.  The noise problem
created by hard surface floors, and even ordinary conversations, has not
been solved as yet.  There is still hope.  I'm a senior (age 74) and we
have about 20 seniors of various ages.  I'm fairly confident that they
feel as I do about the kids. In the summer when the noise gets to be too
much we have 3 tables on the deck outside where the noise sensitive like
to eat.  We also stress "indoor voices" in the common house.

Hope that helps.


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Subject: [C-L]_ Kids Vs Elders: Aging In Place
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    I was saddened to hear that anyone would be driven
out of cohousing by the needs of the children there,
and I'm anxious that it not happen in my community.
I'm a working mom of 2 small kids and could easily
have missed frustrations not strong enough to be
voiced.  Could anyone add to this piece?  How has this
friction played out in your community?

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