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I'd just like to point out that I would not recommend using incandescent light fixtures in any building now a days. The compact fluorescent technology is very good, and you can get good quality light at a fraction of the cost to our collective environment. You will save on electric bills, and decrease your cooling load.

Incandescent will also burn out much quicker, which in a common building becomes a maintenance issue that I don't think any community wants.


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A combination of lighting types is often best in an area that is multi-functional. Incandescent lights shining down the walls or over small intimate seating areas creates a comfortable atmosphere. However for the vaulted ceiling area I would suggest up-lights that shine on the ceiling and are reflected evenly back down for a pleasant general lighting scenario. The lights can be positioned around the edge of the ceiling, hidden by a valence so that you only see the lit ceiling. Or they could be one or more central suspended fixtures that shine up onto the ceiling. Some of these have a transluscent underside so that some light and colour shines down also. To mirror the vault, I have seen some nice fixtures that are circular in plan and convex (bowl-like) in section with a coloured glass bowl body. If you're starting with a vaulted ceiling you are half-way there. Choose lighting that accentuates the shape and beauty of the ceiling.
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