Re: Multi-neighborhood Cohousing - are they Ecovillages??
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This is Patti here to talk a little about the supposed 'badness' of the 
Lawrence area.  At the kick off meeting we had generations of people in 
attendance who, through sometimes emotional testamonials, expressed their 
belief that Lawrence was worthy of development.  A lot of the city's elected 
officials were there, which those of us who understand the difficulties of the 
permit process for 'unusual' projects realize, if the policiticans back you, 
you're in.  Finally, there were many young family and artist types who can't 
afford Boston and aren't afriad of 'them' whoever they might be.
This year Lawrence was proud to report that there were zero gun-related murders 
in their city (compared to a recording breaking number in Boston.)  It seems 
like it's a city filled with promise.  After that kick-off meeting we had a 
core group of about 25 households attend monthly meetings for several months 
before the owner pulled out.
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This is partly why we were so surprised by the huge response. 
I think you may underestimate the power of community. In my experience, there 
is no gang quite as powerful as a gang of cohousers. I have heard many examples 
from across the country. 
On Apr 10, 2006, at 10:59 AM, Brian Bartholomew wrote: 
>> Several years ago we found HUGE unexpected interest in a large mixed 
>> use project in the town of Lawrence, MA 
> In LAWRENCE?? How would you defend the residents from the gang 
> violence? Build it with a central courtyard as a gated community, 
> where you get in and out of cars on the inside of the fence? 
> Brian 
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