Rules (interesting thread!)
From: MaryEllen Wessels (
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 07:00:27 -0700 (PDT)
Ann that is a great quote! <i>

I LOVE this quote from Hitchhiker's Guide:  "We demand rigidly
defined areas of doubt and uncertainty!"</i>

I imagine that the person just wanted satellite and either forgot- or didn't 
forget but did it anyway.  (but I don't know if they petitioned etc).  A lot of 
people love satellite (my in laws!) I personally don't watch broadcast TV at 
home and haven't for ten years (though we watch plenty of movies and even TV 
shows on DvD! It's the ads I especially hate).  A lot of people think satellite 
dishes are terribly unsightly and care a lot more than I do about such things.

I'd like to think that in cohousing though as someone else pointed out we can 
bend or modify rules as required/desired.  I'm sure someone could come up with 
some creative way to allow satellite dishes but make them not unsightly (can 
they be hidden partly in boxes that are open at the top?  I dunno...)

Thanks for posting this it's certainly been interesting.
Mary Ellen (aka "mew")

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