Re: integration of new members & their kids
From: Jenny (
Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2006 19:01:31 -0700 (PDT)
I would try asking people with similar-aged kids, or kids w/ similar
interests, to invite the child over so the kids can get to know each
other one-on-one.  That way the new kid doesn't have to break into a
whole gaggle.  A parent could come too, the grownups could sit and
chat while the kids played, and if it wasn't going well, join the kids
and initiate an age-appropriate board game, or just join in the play.
 Sometimes if they're building/playing something and you go and
quietly build your own tower of blocks in the corner it kind of
stabilizes the situation.  With older kids, invite the family over for
a card game or other activity.  Activities are good, because they
don't have to just make conversation.

Jenny Guy
The Urbans Cohousing
(forming) Berkeley/Oakland CA

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> In our community there are a bunch of children that have been
together for
> their entire lives or most of it. What do other communities do to
stop the new
> kid from being ostracized? I have my own ideas but am curious about the
> body of experience out their in the L-land.
> Kim Shute,
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