Sorry about the ugly compost bins
From: Lion Kuntz (
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2006 16:32:04 -0700 (PDT)

--- truddick [at] wrote:

> I happen to think compost bins are really ugly...

I guess I owe you an apology for all the ugly compost bins. In 1970,
about the time of the first Earthday, I started the first post-consumer
recycling center in San Francisco. The continuous success is evident as
the successor located by Kezar Stadium in San Francisco still continues
even though SF has curbside recycling with three color-coded bins. This
was two years after the Reader's Digest waxed poetically about the
organic gardens I was participating in near Occidental, California, in
1968, north of the city.

How was I to know that the examples would catch on and spread so far?

I guess I ought to warn you that I have a thriving earthworm colony
eating my organic wastes, so in about 35 years or so you will have one
more thing to to worry about. (Not to mention all those big ugly
PALACES covering the landscape by that time, with solar panels
flagrantly festooned all over their sunny sides.) Oh well. I guess you
should have had mom and pop put it on your birth certificate that you
have a lifelong exemption from ever having to see anything you didn't
want to look at, eh? Too late now, though.

I'll try to make sure the PALACES hide some of the technological
systems that make them autonomous from municipal umbilicals like
water/sewer/electric/gas utilities. The solar panels though have to be
out where the sun shines -- nothing I can can do can hide them,
although the newest technology now being tested allows transparent
window glass to be electrical generators, as well as translucent or
many decorator colors. Still, Lake Shasta Blue is the cheapest color,
so it's a good thing at least that that looks pleasant against the blue

If you REALLY want to talk ugliness, though, the ugliest thing I ever
invented is these wind generators that look like some Dark Knight's
castle parapet towers. I even named them "Dark Towers" until a
correspondant reminded me that they were bird safe enough that eagle's
could nest on them -- then I renamed them "Eagle's Roost" Wind Towers
and the PR problem at least was solved.

You know, though, when you look at the coal strip mining, and the
cemetery space required for those killed from pollution to power our
computers to hold these discussions, all of a sudden they don't look so

It's just one more reason to hurry up and die before these ugly wind
towers are all over the place. Em, I forgot what we were talking about
before... 18" satellite dish or something. Maybe if we put up enough
18" dishes we can blot out where the energy comes from to power these

Anyway, sorry about those compost bins. Have you considered having a
craftsman make some nice gold-plated sculpted ones? You could be the
envy of your neighborhood.

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Sincerely, Lion Kuntz
Santa Rosa, California, USA
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