Summer Camp For Cohousers August 23-27
From: Caren Albercook (
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 06:09:07 -0700 (PDT)
We are trying connect intentional community folks with
a great summer camp coop that we found in the mid
west. In fact we've arranged for them to devote a week
of family camp to people interested in community
living. Interested means living in, used to live in,
want to live in, know someone that lives in community.
Here is the little blurb:

So, just imagine that it is September 2006.  Summer is
almost over, but Fall has not really started.  I
imagine having lunch with a good old friend.  We have
known each other since high school and we have all of
this history, but we are very different people.  He
says 'I don't get it.  My family goes on a cruise
for vacation.  You take your family to 300 acres of
undeveloped woods with an old farmhouse in the middle.
Why do you go there?' 

I tell him 'OK, here is an example.'  It was lunchtime
on the third day. We had not seen the kids since
breakfast.  Our three year old daughter tells us that
she has been playing fairies in the magical forest. 
It is a (with hands on hips) 'Real Forest' she
tells us and that she is (with head toss) 'Too
busy' after lunch with story time to come with me
for a canoe ride.  Our six year old son informs us
that he and his friends have been helping the staff
doing 'real work' clearing paths and that this
afternoon they are planning to go looking for Indian
arrowheads.  So strike two on the canoe ride.  He also
informs me that after dinner he will be busy.  The
kids have decided that they are going to take over
choosing and preparing lunch tomorrow for the whole
camp.  They have a meeting with the cook who has
agreed to help them with their planning.   

How else can I explain to my friend how much more
Circle Pines Family Camp is than just a summer

If this sort of adventure appeals to you please
consider joining me and my family for Family Camp at
Circle Pines from August 23-27, 2006. We'll have a
certified lifeguard, a professional cook, and trained
staff from our ACA-certified summer camp. Families can
choose rustic cabins or their own tents.  There will
be spontaneity, lots of kid-planned projects, and a
few 'organized' activities. A relaxing and
energizing blend of family time, solitude and adult
companionship awaits.

Circle Pines is located midway between Kalamazoo and
Grand Rapids, an easy drive from most locations in the
Midwest. The three hundred acres have been a
campground and cooperative retreat since the 1930s.
Check the web site at or
contact us for more information.

George and Caren Albercook
(734) 996-9516

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