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From: HeidiNYS (HeidiNYSaol.com)
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 04:35:03 -0700 (PDT)
Dear Joani,

 I like several of the possible bs phrases you mentioned, particularly: 
'Old-fashioned Village' & 'know thy neighbor'.   
I do have another...
The following phrase has been in my mind for years:

CoHousing: A balance of privacy & community

Cantines Island, 
Saugerties, Ulster County, NY 12477
> The Cohousing Association is ordering some new bumper stickers for
> the conference and beyond. We've already decided on the first one.
> It'll have our logo and the following words from our masthead:
> Building a Sustainable Society One Neighborhood at a time.
> We'd like to print up one or two more bumper stickers, and would love
> to consider your bright idea for the text  (They'll all hove our logo
> and our web address on them, of course)
> Here are a couple of ideas left over from a few years when we sought
> words for t-shirts. They are way too in-joke-y for a bumper sticker,
> but might trigger your imagination.
> COOUSERS Do It By Consensus
> COHOUSING The Ultimate Experience in Delayed Gratification
> But how about:
> COHOUSING  Intentional Neighborhoods that Work
> COHOUSING  Where we know our neighbors well.
> COHOUSING The Old Fashioned Village of the Future
> Know Thy Neighbor  COHOUSING
> We want your ideas....like those above or completely different. If we
> choose your slogan/design you will get 6 free bumper stickers, any
> combo of your slogan/design and the original one we'll be making.
> Deadline for your suggestions:  June 15.  Send your suggestions to
> me, and to the list; others here might be inspired by your
> participation to participate yourselves.

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