budgets post-development
From: Fleck (foam4uworldnet.att.net)
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2006 15:21:12 -0700 (PDT)
Hi All,

I'm interested in how people put together their annual budgets after
move-in. (I only found one response in the archives from 2002.)

When do you start your budget process? How long does it take?

Does your finance team put it together? Do the teams/committees put it
together? Other? How is it presented to the members?

Have you had members actively oppose/block projected budgets?
How have you handled this?

If you don't have time/energy or expertise to answer these questions is
there someone in your community (tearsurer?) I can contact to follow up? If
so, just respond directly to me.

Anne Fleck @ Jackson Place Seattle

PS. We still haven't addressed the dish problem yet. Stay tuned.

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