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Hi everyone,

I am new to the listserve, but wanted to address Coreen's request for
alternate sidewalk specifications. Rubber is often used for continuous
flat surfaces in outdoor environments. Not only does it work well with
mobilitly aids, but it is safer than rough, porous surfaces when anyone,
especially children, falls on it.

Granted the upfront cost may be more than concrete, but savings on
replacement costs and community disruption may be gained. The
unaccountable cost in preventing falls cannot be measured in dollars.

Rebecca Stahr
LifeSpring Environs, Inc.

>From: "Coreen Plewa" <plewac [at]>
>Subject: Re: [C-L]_ Pathways [was Spending Extra Money]
>       On pathways, we at ElderGrace are trying to decide what to use that
>will accommodate wheelchairs and walkers.  Any suggestions?
>Coreen at ElderGrace

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