Re: Potential cohousing mention on NPR Morning Edition Friday
From: Ann Zabaldo (
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 18:25:17 -0700 (PDT)
Go! Go! Raines!
Ditto Betsy!

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On 6/8/06 9:21 PM, "Raines Cohen" <rc3-coho-L [at]> wrote:

> There may be a couple of cohousers on it! Mentioning cohousing! (or
> Betsy and I could end up on the cutting room floor or be taken totally
> out of context, who knows!) We were interviewed just after driving all
> night to get here to Las Vegas for the "first annual" YearlyKos
> conference (the rest of this message is slightly off-topic but stay
> tuned, there IS a cohousing connection):
> I expect some Bay Area stories since the Daily Kos blog was started
> there, plus the attendees all participate in this, so they'll all be
> posting about it:
> and Air America is setting up a whole newsroom here (for $10 via the
> website or free if you're a premium subscriber, you can get
> gavel-to-gavel video coverage with three feeds), C-Span will be doing
> live shows from here, and expect lots of coverage on political and
> news shows elsewhere.
> The mood here is VERY cohousing-spirited and exciting (like starting a
> new group or finding a site), I'm running into friends from decades
> ago -- Mac developers and people from other realms of connection....
> basically, this little grassroots progressive blog  has ended up with
> half a million daily readers and five million monthly unique readers
> (more than the combined population of New Hampshire and Iowa) and
> thousands of contributors (a thousand are here) and has become a major
> organizing and fundraising resource, to the point where serious
> contenders for the 2008 Dem Presidential nomination are wining and
> dining US -- we the people -- and engaging us, not just as cash
> registers for fundraising in the broken $-needed-for-media-exposure
> system of campaign finance, but to understand what the heck  we want
> in order to get us engaged (in our inimitable cranky independent D-I-Y
> way) and networked and connected and changing the system, from the
> inside out. I'll post some reports if I can, but the
> network-effect-multipliers of all this mean that this may the
> most-thoroughly-documented event ANYWHERE this year, with hundreds of
> unique perspectives and modes of communication and analysis all
> interacting in real time.
> Raines
> wearing an official National Security Agency red, white, and blue
> tie-dye T-shirt (really!) and watching an advance team come in to the
> ballroom and figure out timings and directions for DNC chair Senator
> Reid's appearance here Saturday while Air America broadcasts live from
> the skybox suites above me.
> P.S. I almost rented a biodiesel car from a friend to get here, but
> the logistics didn't quite work out (we're looking at the potential of
> biodiesel car-sharing within our community), so I'm going to do lots
> of penance to reduce my contribution to our net carbon footprint. I'm
> doing a table here talking about community, cohousing, aging in
> community (senior/elder cohousing), and if any coho-L readers are in
> the area and interested in helping, I'd be delighted to help connect
> you with goings-on here; we're sharing a great Peak Oil educational
> tool made by some Bay Area folks who are looking at cohousing as a
> tool for relocalization, Peak Oil-related:
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