Two people want the same unit
From: Vicki Penner (
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 05:37:38 -0700 (PDT)
Hi, I'm Vicki from Delaware Street Commons.

Now that we have our construction financing in place, we are getting
inquiries.   A couple of people are ready to sign real estate contracts.
One household wants a unit that another person has a contract on.  This
is feasible in our situation because we anticipate renovating a house
that is already on our property and thereby adding two more units.  The
person who already has the contract on the desirable unit is planning to
move when the renovation is complete.  However, we don't know when
exactly that will be.

Our question is how can we provide an assurance to the new person that
they will get it if the first person moves?   We anticipate at least a
small domino effect when the two rehab units are complete.   How have
other communities dealt with people within the community wanting to move
to another home within the community?   We would like to have a policy
that might work long term and not just solve this immediate dilemma.

Thanks for any help you can give us.

Vicki Penner
Delaware Street Commons
Lawrence, KS

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