Berkeley Cohousing summer sublets: 6 weeks room in 2BR cottage; 1 week/3-4 weeks full 1BR unit
From: Raines Cohen (
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2006 13:46:51 -0700 (PDT)
It's summertime, and the cool breezes wafting off the Bay are blowing away the morning fog. The plums are ripening, and some folks here are planning vacations/extended business trips, and therefore spots are available for short-term stays here at Berkeley's only cohousing community, where 90% of all resales have been to folks who have already lived here (think of it as a try-before-you-buy program).

We're an established twelve-year-old low-turnover community with fifteen homes (cottages and duplexes, physically retrofitted with a little new-build) wrapped around a common green, a short walk from Farmer's Markets, subway to San Francisco (the express bus stops right out front during commute hours), and the UC Berkeley campus/ downtown Berkeley movie theaters. Our common house is a turn-of-the- century farmhouse. We do lovingly homemade common meals thrice weekly, and would love to find someone(s) interested in a taste of cohousing who want to participate in all that we have co-created here to join us for a bit. Our median age is 51, though there's a whole gaggle of kids about.

My cohousing neighbor will be away July 20 through the end of August, and would love for someone to fill her shoes, or least her bedroom, in a 2BR/1Bath cottage shared with a family guy. She would love to cover her $800/month share of the rent, but will go with the best match/best offer.

My sweetie and I will be away July 18-25 for the National Cohousing Conference in Chapel Hill, NC, and would be delighted to have someone in our home, a 1BR/1ba unit (with a large couch that could sleep all but the tallest people); we'll also be away for most of August, starting August 3rd, and so looking for someone then, as well... it could be a great way to see a student off to school or enjoy our moderate comfortable weather that tends to be free of excess heat and humidity, no air-conditioning required. Our furnished unit also features a cat to keep your feet warm at night, and may feature use of a vehicle and trailer. We'll consider trades with DC-area cohousers as well as shorter periods if we can work out schedule alignment.

For details, write to: berkcoho-rent [at] Include name, phone #/best times to call, where you're coming from, and which opportunity/ date range you're interested in. Please pass this along to your community or anyone you know who might be interested. We're looking forward to seeing you here!

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