Consider Sociocracy
From: maggiedutton (
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2006 16:45:58 -0700 (PDT)
Maggie Dutton here...Calgary, Alberta, Canada.. This seems like a good place
to jump in with a suggestion for Cohousing groups who are experiencing some
disillusion as described in recent posts.  Why not try Sociocracy as a
governance model?  With decision making done by Consent instead of
Consensus, meeting times would be greatly reduced and much more effective.
Dealing with folks who are not being "reasonable" would also be easier since
objections to proposals need to be reasoned and paramount.  Sociocracy also
provides a structure, principals and processes that support a governance
system where everyone doesn't have to be involved in every decision to have
their perspective included.
Back in 2002, Sociocracy was discussed on this list for awhile. Then a few
of us began using a Yahoo group called Sociocracy to explore this model of
governance further.  Sociocracy is an emerging Movement with a lot to offer
any group or organization.  
It would be helpful to this list if some folks from Champlain Valley
Cohousing would write to this list about their experience using Sociocracy. 
Are there any other Cohousing groups using Sociocracy?
Will there be a workshop at the Coho Conference on Sociocracy this year?
Personally I would still love to live in a cohousing community but after
several years of "trying" I won't be attempting to spearhead a new one again
myself.   The positive side of the "failed" attempts at creating cohousing
is that it led me to Sociocracy.   
We have started a Network to encourage the development of Sociocracy...based
in Canada.  
A workshop is being planned in the fall to train facilitators and
consultants to help organizations and groups to implement Sociocracy.  John
A. Buck, a certified consultant will lead the workshop and when details are
firm we will post the information here.  Meantime if there are any groups in
the US northwest or in British Columbia who would like to be included please
message me off list.  Calgary is a great place to visit.
The web sites below are great resources on Sociocracy;    This is the Canadian Network that is forming   The North American site    The Global site in the Netherlands
Warmest regards,
Maggie Dutton,
General Circle Coordinator,
Sociocracy In Action,
Calgary, Alberta.


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