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Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2006 11:51:04 -0700 (PDT)
Lots of folks - like me - believe that one of the worst things you can do for a 
cat's health is to restrict it to the indoors.  If I had to keep one inside, I 
wouldn't own it.  That's where we get fat, kidney challenged cats, not to 
mention litter boxes which are typically gross, regardless of how often they 
are cleaned.  We try not to allow them inside the units, and I have a cat (used 
to be 2, but alas, a fox evened the score for the birds and took one out.  I'd 
rather have the cat back, of course, but he had a great time while he was 
around, and died how he lived.  It was a fair fight.).  I read all of the 
statistics about how many birds cats kill, and I guess they have merit - but 
mine is quite a hunter, and I rarely see dead birds or other animals, and I 
know the bird population is thriving on our 6 acres.  The mouse-in-the-house 
population?  Zero!

We own 3 dogs, all of which have trained with various organizations, including 
a search and rescue team.  The Canine Good Citizen test is an EXCELLENT 
barometer - but less for the dog than for the owner!  Any dog can do it, but 
the real work (and it is actually work) comes from the owner taking an interest 
in responsibility for their dog.  These types of owners I have found make MUCH 
better pet neighbors, as they not only know how to control their animals, but 
more importantly that it is necessary to control them.  The number one problem 
I have had in community with dogs is owners who do not see what a nuisance 
their animal has the potential to be.  No pet policy will affect these folks 
happily - but they are also the people who will be unwilling to go through the 
CGC process.

We have a vacation home that we rent out.  The policy is NO PETS - unless they 
have a Canine Good Citizen certificate.  It has worked beautifully, and we 
haven't had a single problem, not one.  We do not allow cats inside at all.


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>Some aspects of this policy do not seem all that humane to me.
>It sounds as if part of the policy came about because someone's cat killed a 
>bird.  Is it right to take away that cat's natural instinct?  Animals will be 
>animals.  I had a cat once that killed a rather large rabbit.  I was not happy 
>about it, but it would not have caused me to lock the cat up in the house as 
>I hope the place where dogs can deficate is close to home.  It is not healthy 
>to have to drag them away from doing their 'duty'.
>Also the excluding of certain breeds of dogs has been contested successfully 
>in court.  Hopefully a cohousing community would never resort to that.
>Even though right now I do not have any animals, I think I would hesitate to 
>join a group with so many restrictions.  It seems a bit overdone.
>Trudy Reeves
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