Re: Trillium Hollow Pet Policy - Thanks For All The Input
From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 07:44:31 -0700 (PDT)
Leah <drsweetie [at]>
is the author of the message below.
It was posted by Fred the Cohousing-L list manager <fholson [at]>
after deleting the long quoted message with the pet policy.
PLEASE delete excessive quotes. Note that I made a 2 line top quote
(the prefered format).


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Charles Maclean <advocate [at]> wrote:

> After many years of indecision we've adopted a new pet policy. It
> appears below.

wow! As a fellow Oregonian that will be quitting her job soon, this email
was very useful! I am hoping to stay in Ashland and live in our developing
cohousing project but I had a backup plan that there was always cohousing
in Portland if I couldn't find a new job here! I now know that it would be
difficult to live in a community that discriminates against specific
breeds of dogs and feels the need to spell out such specific rules about
pets. Thank you!

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