Sunset Provisions - was pet policy and sharing policies
From: Herveys (
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 09:05:09 -0700 (PDT)
In reading Lia Olson's post on policies, I noted a confluence of her ideas
with another recent topic, sociocracy.  In sociocratic governance as
presented by John Buck, setting policy is viewed much like riding a bicycle.
If you ride through a puddle and then look back at the tracks your tires
make, you will note that they don't track as a straight line.  Your dynamic
balance is what keeps you moving in the intended direction.  Sociocracy says
that policies should be handled similarly and advises not to break your neck
trying to get the policy exactly right the first time.  But do build into
your governance structure means for measuring the success of your policies
and a commitment to refine them as needed.

While I can't say from experience that John is right, as we at CoHo
cohousing are just now putting down deposits on our future homes, it does
have the "ring of truth" for me.  And I hope that in the coming months/years
we may put this idea to the test.

Richard Hervey, CoHo Cohousing
Ever wish you could live next door to your best friends? 

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