Re: Trillium Hollow Pet Policy - Thanks For All The Input
From: Ann Zabaldo (
Date: Mon, 3 Jul 2006 11:23:42 -0700 (PDT)
Nancy -- I'd love to read your pet policy but it's coming through w/ the
formatting screwed up.  Is this on your website?

Can anyone clean this up so it's readable?  Or tell me how to do it?

Many thanks!

Ann Zabaldo
Takoma Village
Wash. DC

On 7/3/06 1:39 PM, "Nancy Baumeister" <nancybee [at]> wrote:

>CoHo Ecovillage members
> acknowledge the fun, affection, comforts, and 
meaning these companion
> animals add to their families’ lives. We also 
acknowledge that some
> members may prefer neither to have pets nor to 
interact with others’ pets.
> This policy regarding pets is intended to 
promote a harmonious relationship
> among pets, pet owners, and non-pet 
owners and a peaceful, clean, and safe
> environment for all. We also 
value native wildlife and the environment and
> want to protect it from 
the negative impact of pets. This policy does not
> cover farm animals.
Guidelines for pets

● Individuals must be responsible
> for their own pets
○ Caring for them
○ Keeping them under control
> Owners are expected to be responsive to concerns expressed by others
regarding problem behavior (e.g. noise)
○ Owners are expected to minimize
> their pet’s impact on wildlife.
○ Members are encouraged to notify the
> CoHo community via the common 
house bulletin board either before getting a
> new pet or within one week 
after getting a new pet. Anyone that wants to
> meet and learn about the 
animal will have the opportunity to do so. This
> allows members to meet 
the new pet and express or clarify any concerns.
> Any concerns about a specific animal should be addressed first by 
> directly to the owner. If no resolution is reached then the 
> resolution process will be used.
● Dogs should either be confined to a
> yard, on a leash, or under control 
(with certification as OK off leash) and
> supervision at all times.
● The owner can have a dog-training professional
> observe and test the 
effectiveness of voice control for any dog which the
> owner wishes to be 
off-leash and if control is deemed adequate, the dog
> will be certified 
as OK off leash.
● Service animals are the only animals
> allowed in the common house.
● In common areas, owners are responsible for
> thoroughly cleaning up 
their animals feces at the time of deposit.
● Out
> of respect for our desire to protect wildlife, cats may be 
outdoors only if
> confined in a yard or on a leash (Options for 
cat-containment are outlined
> in the resources 
> section.).

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