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Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 09:12:18 -0700 (PDT)
Dan Solitz wrote:

Greetings Fellow Co Housers
  My name is Dan solitz and I am a member of the Eugene Downtown  Cohousing 
Financial Committee.  The main body is considering   a moratorium on signing  
on new house holds with out  children.  We have seventeen house holds in the 
membership cue and  twenty four apartment total. It would help if we had some 
sense of the  historic drop out rate at the time earnest money is due. I do not 
know  if such a moratorium is legal. And also any insights in attracting  house 
holds with children would be very much appreciated
  Thanks, Dan

You've seen some good responses on this, but I'll add:

- Hold your meetings at a family friendly time.
- Provide childcare at your introductory meetings / orientations, and at your regular meetings. - Have decent space for doing kdicare in (e.g., relatively well sound-insulated so the kids don't have to constantly hushed) - Make sure the existing membership can be supportive of kid interruptions / parents having to go in and out of meetings.

- Get in touch with local private schools / homeschooling groups / LLL / whatever, and advertise or do a presentation for them. - If you don't have families in your group who can speak to it, use the cohousing video or some other testimonials/handouts as to how cool cohousing is for kids.


We have a bzillion kids, especially little boys, in our group. Want to trade us for some empty-nesters? ;) Anyone else want to trade us for some families with girl-children, preferably pre-teen? ;) :)

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