Re: Conservation-Based Affordable Housing
From: Martin Sheehy (
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 09:43:55 -0700 (PDT)
Nice. Most of the comments from men across the USA re CoHousing is that it is 
too expensive for them to allow them to consider it for their retirement.
  If you look at the home [ CoHousing] prices in AZ, NM, CO, Baja CA, Sur, MX, 
it is obvious to me that the wealthier are being targeted for much of the 
current CoHousing across our Nation.
  Time that we thought of the less fortunate. 

Philippe Jordi <pjordi [at]> wrote:

Here¹s a wonderful report recently issued about partnerships between
affordable housing and land conservation across the country, including an
example of Island Cohousing in MA

The Conservation Fund report entitled ³Conservation-Based Affordable
Housing: Improving the Nature of Affordable Housing to Protect Place and
People² can be downloaded at:


Philippe Jordi
POB 1022
West Tisbury, MA 02575
pjordi [at]

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