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From: Ann Zabaldo (
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2006 05:56:43 -0700 (PDT)
Hello Fred --

In re: your note below about a misaddressed email. Appreciate the information AND no apology needed. As far as I'm concerned -- you walk on water!

And I will take advantage of this opportunity to thank you for the good care you take of this list. Any cohousing group that's ever been formed, is building, or has been completed is indebted to your generosity.

I thank you!

Best --

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On Jul 13, 2006, at 8:45 AM, Fred H Olson wrote:

I normally discourage apologies for posting errors (apologies are one more
off topic message.)  but this one
Re: Slow Mailman admin pages response after posting [TT#: 1178356]
may be so off the wall that some people may like a brief explanation.

It was intended to be sent to Tigertech, the ISP that host the listserv
where Cohousing-L is hosted.  MY MISTAKE. Sorry.


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