Re: "Targeting" the wealthy
From: Brian Bartholomew (
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2006 01:16:49 -0700 (PDT)
> To answer your other question, "Is it that the tastes of cohousers
> and ecovillagers simply don't overlap?" -- my answer would be no,
> it's not that simple.  We had, at the inception of our group, some
> members who envisioned "earthships" built into the hillside, or who
> (myself included) dreamed of using rammed-earth construction or
> straw-bale, among other ideas, but the realities of the
> timing-cost-quality triangle kept coming back to bite us.  Most of
> us wanted to move in and start living our lives in a different way
> NOW; I was pregnant at the time and wanted to move in YESTERDAY, and
> as it was I had to wait to move in until my son was nearly a year old.

My first thought is "get a travel trailer as a bridge space", but
maybe this is because I live in a Florida climate with no Winter.

> You can be purists and insist that all of your members build their
> own houses at a cost that means they won't need a mortgage, and wait
> 15 years to get enough people to make your dream a reality, or you
> can make compromises.

Why must we insist on one type of house, or financing?  Get the land
bought and then let everybody do their own thing on top of it.  "Their
own thing" could include one bay in a row house, and then only the row
house bunch has to figure out how to make the numbers work.


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