Re: Items Pledged so far for the Cohousing Benefit Auction at our Conference in Chapel Hill NC - 7/21-23 2006
From: Chris ScottHanson (
Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2006 07:43:44 -0700 (PDT)
Added to this list of auction items recently, and belatedly, were:

32) Custom Getting it Built Workshop. This two day workshop includes a customized project budget, project schedule and project cash flow plan, all tailored to a specific site location and your project goals. It also includes 10 copies of a huge binder of information about the development process, from land acquisition through financing and construction. The workshop runs all day Saturday through noon on Sunday. No need to have land identified yet. At your location or ours. Travel expenses not included. Valid October 2006 through May 2007. Provided by Cohousing Resources LLC

33) Land Acquisition Workshop. This one day workshop includes evaluation of zoning and site opportunities locally, goal setting, location focusing and mapping assistance. At your location or ours. Travel expenses not included. Valid October 2006 through May 2007 Provided by Cohousing Resources LLC

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On Jul 15, 2006, at 3:01 PM, Neil Planchon wrote:

Items Pledged so far for the Cohousing Benefit Auction at our
Conference in Chapel Hill NC
Conference details:
There is still time to register!

It's not too late to offer something
Begin to think about which of these exciting items you'd like to bid
on Saturday night July 22!

1. Temescal Cohousing  - Two nights, cmty meal, hot tub (single or
couple) - North Oakland CA - Good through June 2007

2. Two hours consulting on Building Specifications Review and
Negotiating Construction Contracts - David Bellin, founding member of
Pacifica Cohousing, Chapel Hill NC - Good through Dec 2006

3. Two nights stay at Swan’s Market, sightseeing tour of the Bay
Area, a couple common meals (single or couple), tour of area
cohousing cmties

4. Two books of poetry- EROS TO GODHEAD and GOD SEX POLITICS, a CD of
some of his performance pieces, and a poster of one of his poems, 100
FLOWERS, each signed by Thom Namaya

5. Ten copies of Rayni Joan's new novel: "The Skinny: Recollections
of America's First Bulimic"

6. Liberty Village - Two Night stay at the cmty, dinner at a
Frederick restaurant

7. Two cat prints

8. Two autographed copies of EcoVillage at Ithaca by Liz Walker

9. 50% discount ($275 value) off our next Elder Cohousing Getting
Started Workshop, September 14-17 at the Wild Sage Cohousing
Community in Boulder, Colorado - Zev Paiss & Neshama Abraham

10. 90-minute telephone consultation ($300 value) with both Zev and
Neshama for as many members of your group as you wish. - Good until
Dec 2006.

11. $500 discount off a weekend workshop given by Zev or Neshama.
This could include any of the following workshops: The Cohousing
Development Process, Using Consensus Effectively, Creating a Group
Vision, Building Community Together, Sex and Community, or any custom
workshop requested by your group. Good through July 2007.

12. Hardcopy edition of Buffalo Spirits by Elizabeth Black, (2004,
Story Line Press) signed and donated by the author, a fan of
Cohousing.  Winner of the Three Oaks Prize for Fiction

13. One week stay at Casa Verde Commons in Colorado Springs CO - Use
of up to two rooms, two common meals included - Good through July 2007

14. Two months worth of Personal Work/Life coaching - to 2
individuals (who are ripe and ready for huge breakthroughs in their
lives and need help getting unstuck!). Market value ranges from $300/
month upwards

15. Two night stay at Pleasant Hill Cohousing in the eastern suburbs
of the Bay Area - Breakfast and tour of the cmty included - Good
through July 2007.

16. One hour Therapeutic massage - Winning bidder will have to come
to Mystic CT - Cher Stuewe Portnoff

17. Four hour workshop/community retreat.  This has a retail value of
$750 (for the workshop time, prep, and follow-up).  The workshop
could focus on one of a variety of things- forming and managing your
development process, how to handle conflict, appreciating how far
your community has come, planning for the future, increasing
community participation, creating a more inclusive community...  We
could create a workshop or retreat to meet just about any community's

Grace Potts, an organizational development consultant in the firm
Insight Unlimited (  We specialize in
helping groups gain access to their own wisdom, and their ability to
act on that wisdom.  Good after Jan 15, 2007

18. A black fanny pack that fits almost all sizes, and says
"Celebrate Life!" - Barbara Sarah

19. Framed black and white photo - Andi Pearson

20. Two nights stay at Manzanita Village in Prescott AZ

21. Two autographed copies of Senior Cohousing by Chuck Durrett

22. Weekend stay at private home in Croton on Hudson - Beautiful view
of the Hudson; 50-minute train ride from New York City - Single or
couple, breakfast included - Good through winter 2006/2007.

23. Two night stay at Wild Sage Cohousing in Boulder CO - One dinner
included, tea at Dushambe Teahouse, guided tour of Pearl St Mall
(single or couple) - Good through July 2007

24. Two Night stay at Nomad Cohousing in Boulder CO - Tea at Dushambe
Teahouse, dinner with the community (Wed or Sun), guided tour of
Pearl St Mall, tour of area cohousing cmties, (single or couple) -
Good through July 2007

25. A Facilitator's Toolbox.  In a handy carrying container, it
includes "How To . . ." descriptions of tactics for dealing with
tough topics. Included are descriptions of open space retreat
exercises, black-eyed pea salons, sticky note round-ups, flip chart
thought capture, and other handy tools. Also included are the post-
its, markers, peas, a flip chart, numbers and email addresses of
people to call for help, a bottle of aspirin, and a bottle of wine. -
Eastern Village Cohousing

26. Starter kit for a community dog.  Kit includes a dog crate
(used), a dog training book, a leash, dog shampoo, chew toy, poop
bags in a handy dog collar mounted container, and maybe some surprise
items - Eastern Village Cohousing

27. Consulting time with Jim Leach - Jim Leach - Good through July 2007.

28. Weekend stay at Colorado mountain retreat - Jim Leach - Good
through July 2007.

29. Three CDs of "Different Strokes...Live." by the woefully
underrated jazz violinist Yehudit Liberman and cellist Beth Snellings
underscore the old adage that good things come in small packages -
Yehudit Lieberman

30. One or two days of group process consulting by Laird Schaub, who
has worked with 30 different cohousing groups the last decade.
Standard rate is $1200/day. Bid on one day and take both for two
times the money. Minimum  bid is $500. Laird keeps the first $500 and
everything above that is profit for the auction. Winning bidder is
responsible for Laird’s travel, food, and lodging - Laird Schaub -
Good through July 2007.

31. One quart of organic Sandhill sorghum and one quart of Sandhill
honey - Sandhill Farm (the record for this pair of distinctive items
is $48, held by Bill Becker of Loveland CO)

32. < Your offering here >


What could you donate? Almost anything can work: free attendance at a
future workshop (be sure to give dates and normal retail value),
copies of a book or artwork, consulting services, dinner at a
favorite restaurant, a weekend getaway at your home or vacation spot
featuring bed and breakfast and a local tour. Be creative!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the best way to
offer something, please contact me at your convenience.

Thanks for considering lending a hand. We hope to see you in Chapel
Hill. Together we can have a good time and make a difference.

In cooperation

Laird Schaub
FIC Executive Secretary & Benefit Auction Coordinator
laird [at] - 660-883-5545

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