Re: Benefit auction for the Cohousing Conference
From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2006 08:06:22 -0700 (PDT)
2 Benefit auction for the Cohousing Conference item(s):

o Cohousing-L subscriptions
o 20 permanent email address at

Details below.

1) Free subscription(s) to Cohousing-L Internet discussion (mailing list).
No time limits, no quantity limits. Includes right to make unlimited
number of quality on-topic posts (other posts may get a gently nudge by
email from Fred).

Current subscribers are encouraged to bid and apply it to extending their
subscription. From time to time I get email expressing appreciation for
the list, this is your opportunity to make a tangible expression of that
appreciation and benefit Coho/US (Note that Cohousing-L and Coho/US are
independent entities but we cooperate extensively.)

See  for details about subscribing and
searchable access to the first 24,000+ messages in the discussion since

Subscriptions include special attention and assistance from list manager,
Fred H Olson. In addition to bidding at regular auction, bids accepted by
email send to secretfriend [at] (or to Fred); they will be
forwarded Coho/US for collection.

All bids will win a subscription.

Note that this is a tongue in cheek offer since subscriptions are always
free but that does not mean you could not make a bid/contribution.

2) A permanent email address at (an email forwarding
address - must have a real address with an inbox to be useful)  Includes
advice from Fred for setting up and use.  Username should relate to
your real name.  See details at:

20 addresses offered ; minimum bid $20.  Bids only accepted at regular

Fred, listserv manager

Fred H. Olson  Minneapolis,MN 55411  USA        (near north Mpls)
Communications for Justice - My new listserv org.       UU, Linux
My Link Page:       Ham radio:WB0YQM
fholson at   612-588-9532   (7am-10pm Central time)

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