Re: Clothes line location
From: Amy Dwyer (
Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 14:14:45 -0700 (PDT)
Tim at Kaleidoscope Village wrote:

What do you all think of ZECDD located adjacent to the common house laundry?

Does any community currently have this configuration?

If yes, are people using it?

How close to the common house is it?

At Wasatch Commons in Salt Lake, we have a big clothsline, or ZECDD as
you called it. It is a sturdy, multi line structure that one of our
residents built. Personally, I love it, though we have winters here
that preclude use year round. It is about 10 steps outside of the
laundry room, and gets used on a regular basis, though the dryers get
used also.

I think more people would use the lines if we had more people who used
our common laundry facilities in the first place. It seems that most
of our residents have their own personal washers and dryers in their

It is up against the back of our recycling center on the edge of our
property, on a corner of the common lawn that is not often used.
Happily, I have never heard any complaints or judgements about seeing
it, or what's on it.

There is a great article that appeared in a local paper around the
same time we had it built. It was called "Living As If The Future
Mattered: Warming the World to Dry Our Socks" It inspires me,
especially to think of it on those hectic "forced laundry" days when
the kids make a giant mess and I just want to toss it all in the dryer
and run... here is a link to it...

Hope this helps.

Amy Dwyer
Wasatch Commons, where the tomatoes are finally reddening up! (or
orangeing or yellowing, as the case may be with all the yummy
varieties we've got growing  ;)

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