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Leave my cohousing neighbor? => Leave my cohousing neighborhood?

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Sharon Villines said "Cohousing is a lot of work."

However, would you consider living anyplace else?

For me, the answer is I can not imagine living anyplace else. I was laid off from IBM Feb 2002 and went back to school. When I graduated in Dec 2004, there was job opportunties in other cities. I resisted that siren call as I believe eventually there would be another position in the area where I lived. An opportunity did come along and I am glad I never left.

During the four years I was unemployed, I was buoyant from the support of my neighbors. When I was taking classes at NC State (Raleigh), a neighbor gave me a ride during the week. When I graduated from NC State, my neighbors bought me a iPod as a graduation gift. When I was looking for work, I had a secret benefactor leaving me every month $100 cash in an envelope with only "Heinich Computer Services" typed on it. There are other myriad acts of kindness that I received when I needed it.

Leave my cohousing neighbor?  You got to be kidding!

Eno Commons Cohousing
Durham, NC
where this weekend'd Community Dayz work day will start work on completing
the upstairs of the Common House.  I will be so glad to say to folks
that they can stay in the Common House's guest rooms when they come to
learn more about Eno Commons.

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