Night Out Block Party
From: Fleck (
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2006 11:58:26 -0700 (PDT)
August 1st (or every first Tues in August) is National Night Out Against
Crime. It's a Take-back-the-street thing. At Jackson Place Cohousing (very
urban) we've made this an annual potluck block party. The city waves the fee
for closing our street for 4-5 hours and sometimes the fire dept. stops by
with a truck for the kids to look at. (one year the ladder truck ran the
ladder completely up w/ a firefighter 60 feet in the air!)

We draw a huge checkers board with chalk on the street and people are the
pieces (consensing on moves is interesting). Since we're on a bike route
things get a little crazy, too, with our kids riding all over the place. We
put out tables and chairs, stick a few balloons on orange cones at the block
corners, crank up the BBQ (which was "borrowed" by the local homeless guys 2
weeks ago AND returned the next day when we went and asked for it back) and
invite the neighbors and old members and folks involved with the community

It's a lot of fun and something you might consider doing next year in your
neighborhood. Great way to build community. We do salmon burgers, veggie
burgers, and beef burgers and dogs for the kids. This year we'll have
produce from our P-Patch gardens. So stop by if you're in town and bring a

Anne Fleck JPC - Seattle

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