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Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2006 05:17:09 -0700 (PDT)
It is possible to do a budget and reserve study without paying professionals.

Here at Eno Commons we did our own reserve study.  Fortunately we had Jessie 
(now at Eastern Village) who works at HUD to do a top-down study (I believe it 
was 2% of the project) 
and Laura who works at Self-Help Bank to do a bottom-up study.  The dollar 
amounts matched!  Money for our reserves is 40% of our $100/month/household HOA 
dues.-Robert Heinich
 Eno Commons Cohousing
 Durham, NC where the Barn (workshop) passed inspection and has electricity and 
the  Common House's upstairs construction started.  Now that the original 
vision is nearly complete, this Sunday we are discussing our Strategic Plan.
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>   Our cohousing community (CoHo Cohousing, Corvallis, OR) will be
> breaking ground in the next month or two and we are currently going through
> operation & maintinance/reserve study exercise to determing how much HOA
> dues will be.  I want to do some research to find out if anybody has
> recommendations on a consultant that they have used for this purpose.  Also
> what does one look for in a consultant and what can you expect from their
> services?  Any information would be greatly appreciated.
>   Thanks,
>    Robert
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