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Cardiff Place is 17 units.  Completed in 1994.

One of the very DIFFERENT aspects to the project was that it took only about a year from selecting a site until move in. We purchased a "project" that was already permitted and ready to start construction.

Another aspect is that it is a three story apartment building style development with double loaded corridors on the two upper levels. There is no pedestrian street, per se. Don't know if that might have had an impact.

If anyone hears the story I would love to know more. I have not been in touch with anyone there for more than ten years.

I wonder of Alan Carpenter would know anything?

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On Aug 8, 2006, at 6:26 AM, Rod Lambert wrote:

I visited Cardiff Place a number of years ago and thought it a bit tenuous then. I wonder if it lends weight to the believe that cohousing is more robust if there are at least 20 units? (I believe Cardiff Place was around 10 units?) The leaving and arriving of people has less impact in the larger neighborhoods.

Rod Lambert
EcoVillage at Ithaca, NY, US

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Hi Ann:

I understand that Cardiff Place cohousing no longer calls itself a
cohousing community. The story I heard was that the original membership and vision became diluted with each new resident to the point where the
cohousing vision was lost.  The pressure of the escalating real estate
market in Victoria seemed to be a factor.

Our community really sat up and paid attention to our new resident
orientation process when we heard this.

Cheers, Stacia.

Roberts Creek Cohousing, B.C. Canada.

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