Re: The dissolving of community, building relationships
From: Juva DuBoise (
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 09:41:51 -0700 (PDT)
Just to add what Val said about what we do to strengthen our

We have Tree (who lives an hour away - lucky us) come twice a year or so to
do consensus-facilitation training.  We do this to keep our skills up but
also so that the community and Tree learn to trust each other.  This means
that if we run into an issue that we need help with we can call Tree.

Because each of us learns the basic NVC principals and skills, when an issue
between two people grows beyond their personal skills, a third member can be
called in to help us HEAR each other.  I would say this occurs say 5-7 times
a year (remember we aren't living next door to each other yet).  It has been
very helpful to keep issues for being held for later eruption. 

Just one more note, a couple of us learned Sociocracy with John Buck at a
training for the NVC northwest group.  This has been very helpful and we
have now taught it to all of the committee chairs who are using it in the
committee meetings and to the facilitators who are using it in the general
meetings.  So, far we are very happy with this new knowledge.  It blends
very well with our already functional consensus process.

Like Val said, we are feeling very happy with our community and just are
waiting for the buildings to be built.  That doesn't mean it is all light
and giggles....but there is depth and compassion for this journey we have
decided to take in each others company.  We will let you know as the
building is done and we are living together how the skills transfer.

Ah, Community - check it out! 

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