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From: Regan Conley (
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 10:07:16 -0700 (PDT)
Jessie, after having grown up UU and worked with UU youth for a long time, I can tell you a parallel experience.

UUs are not like a lot of religions where they tell you you better keep coming or else. You make your own decisions and set your own priorities. While some college age and young adult folks are around, generally, they're too busy studying or sleeping off hangovers or having brunch on Sunday mornings to come to church. So they drift and later, when they get married and have children of their own, they often find themselves coming back to seek the community.

It wouldn't surprise me one bit if we saw a similar pattern with Cohousing raised youth. Many will drift and many will decide to come back to cohousing when they are ready to settle into their own homes.

Like UUs, this leaves a smaller group who would stick around if it were more accessible to them. Lots of urban and college-town UU churches have had great success with Sunday evening or mid-week evening services bringing in younger folks who don't fit into the Sunday morning schedule.

In a similar way, people of this age don't fit into the typical cohousing plan: Buy a house. Most of the them are not ready financially or otherwise to buy a house. They may move from one place to another as the go from college to grad school to jobs to travel to different jobs. If cohousing seriously wants to appeal to a younger market (generally those in their 20s, say), then it needs to be accessible to them. This probably means rental housing.

So, in my mind the question would be: How do we expand rental opportunities in Cohousing?

Regan Conley
Urban D.C. Cohousing
Washington D.C.

On Aug 12, 2006, at 10:03 AM, Dahako [at] wrote:

Hi -

I was talking to my 15-year-old about the conference and she asked why, if we were so serious about carrying the cohousing movement forward, we 1) did not have a plan to help the kids raised in cohousing (our best market) to be able to live in cohousing once they leave their parents' homes (affordability), and 2) did not have any conference sessions or national outreach for the teens who had grown up in cohousing and might want to help carry the movement

She and I have talked a bit about this, but I figure you all can help me
answer her. Please.

Maybe she can get her community service learning hours working for the
Mid-Atlantic Chapter answering her own questions?  What say, Ann Z?

Also, is anyone else having the experience that the kids raised in
cohousing, who cannot remember anything else, expect to live in cohousing when they
are grown?  Or are other kids rebelling?

-Jessie Handforth Kome
Silver Spring, Maryland
"Where I'm still finishing my condo's floors in the second year after move in. The Rembrandt concrete stain is gorgeous and holding up very well except under the chair with rolling wheels at the computer. And I think this will be our first and last stone tile floor (stuff is *heavy*!) once we get the
entry hall done."

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