Re: Off-limits to kids?
From: Becky M. Pulito (
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2006 04:19:17 -0700 (PDT)
It seems every time I sit down, I get pulled away.  
I just wanted to thank everyone for your helpful input.  At Camelot
Cohousing, we tend to try not to reinvent the wheel (though we do have our
own particular flavour of cohousing).  We also tend to steer towards
establishing fewer rules/policies prematurely.  This topic of children's
access has become a hot button issue between a small subset of people in our
community, when it may never have been a problem at all had we not tried to
"set the cart before the horse" as it were.
In any case, I won't regret our attempt to be prepared, even though it
alarmed some members, and I think the best course of action for us is to
attempt to backtrack and go the "less rules established in advance" route we
take on most everything else and allow any policies to develop organically.
That is what I will bring back to the group.
Thanks again everyone, for your help.  And sorry if this email is
disjointed-I do keep getting pulled away STILL.
~Becky, Camelot Cohousing, who has two kids under age 4 distracting her

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