question about getting ready for common house design
From: Jonnie Pekelny (
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2006 15:30:13 -0700 (PDT)
Hi, folks. I am a member of North Oakland Cohousing, a new group that's  
currently on the fast track to develop high density urban infill  cohousing in 
the Temescal area of North Oakland, CA.  The  developers we are working with 
have their own primary architect and we  are working with Chuck Durett as the 
advisory architect. Our access to  Chuck's expertise in designing cohousing 
will, no doubt be hugely  helpful in helping the developers and architects 
create the project as  cohousing, but our access to Chuck for questions, etc. 
is somewhat  limited. So....
 In just under a month our group will be  attending a common house design 
workshop with Chuck. Keeping in mind  that this is still a very new group, and 
still getting its head around  its own identity, I'm looking for any advice any 
of you might have on  what, if any, prep work we should do in advance. 
Particularly I'd like  to hear from folks who've gone through common house 
design workshops.  Are there issues we should think through before attending 
the workshop?  Agreements we should come to etc. ahead of time?
  Suggestions very much appreciated.
  Jonnie Pekelny
  North Oakland Cohousing

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