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From: James Kacki (
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 18:27:42 -0700 (PDT)
As an architect, I love pea gravel for many lanscaping purposes, including paths etc. It looks and feels feels organic under your feet, like walking at the beach (a stony beach mind you :-) However, this coloured rubber tire product you describe sounds fantastic for around play structures!! I want to know more, specifically contact information for the company that manufactures or distributes it. Can you provide names, addresses etc. ?
Thanks a lot

tamgoddess [at] wrote:
we now have stuff that we love, after years of struggling with wood chips of 
various kinds because we couldn't afford the approx. $7000 to get the soft 
rubber surface for a playground.

It's recycled rubber tire, and it comes in different colors. It looks like 
bark, so it's visually very pleasing. But it's ENORMOUSLY more comfortable and 
more importantly, safe. We researched this very thoroughly, it's eco-friendly, 
and this is the best stuff available. It's not cheap, but it SO worth it. I 
think we spent a couple thousand dollars.

It never compressess, so we don't have to turn it over to fluff it up in order 
for it to be a safe fall space, and it drains beautifully, so we never have to 
replace it because it doesn't fall apart and clog the drains. I've seen 
children fall off our high play structure and literally bounce, unharmed, off 
this stuff. The only maintenance is occasionally adding another bag due to 
attrition, and maybe once/year, raking it out so that it's even.

And it doesn't harm wood floors!

It comes compacted in a bale, so it's a bit of work to spread it around the first time, but it was just one work party, where we used to have to do at least a big work party every year to fix the old stuff, and it was still dangerous and dirty.

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From: "Leslie Warren" <leswar [at]>

Lynn at RoseWind Cohousing, Port Townsend WA
where we have a professionaly Cedar Works play structure (was price-y),


a pea gravel "pit" all around it, and some hide-y holes in the thicket


cost) where the kids like to hang out.

So how well does the pea gravel work?  Any complaints from kids or their
Our play space committe is trying to figure out what to put under our play
structure - it has been tan bark, but the kids get the occasional splinters.
Pea gravel has been a consideration.
Any thoughts?

FrogSong, Cotati

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