Re: Painting Ourselves to Save Money: good idea or bad idea
From: Stuart Joseph (
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 11:47:09 -0700 (PDT)
I think you made some good points, however, if the draywallers are responsible for taping the joints, filling the fastener holes, and doing the application of joint compound, that will remove the responsibility of the group doing the primer.

I also think that a primer coat could be done by almost anyone, if they are careful. i would also like to know how many of the folks doing the painting have painted before, like an apartment, room s in their house, etc. There are a lot of people who have done that and they could supervise the others.

i would not hesitate to allow any of our members do the painting on our project, both finish and primer. It does take some care, but it is not rocket science.

Another possibility would be to do the work under the watchful eye of a professional. They could save money because the painter would have a crew.

Richard Smith wrote:
I'd like to add to my earlier post that unevenly compound-covered seams
and wavy, bumpy or unevenly sanded surfaces are problems that some can
live with given the savings. I for one don't mind doing my own
compounding but the extra repair work sometimes involved, and then
repriming, when final painting is anticipated could be more than some
are willing to endure. Defects in the fastening of drywall such as
screws that miss the framing (causing instability and possible lifting
of the drywall surface), large dings (that are too big to be adequately
be covered by extra drywall compound) and other conditions could all
become the cohouser's problem if the Contractor is not responsible once
the finish prime coat of paint is applied. Contractor's vary and it may
well be that the contractor providing this price break of $44,000 will
take responsibility for some-if-not-all deficiencies even after the
prime coat is done. Hopefully I'm not stating the obvious.
Richard Smith, RA
Sea Cliff, New York

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