Re: Quorums/Reopening decisions
From: tamgoddess (
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2006 20:57:43 -0700 (PDT)
Our quorum is over 50%, so it's 13 households of 25. We count households 
because, well, it's easier. And it gets a fairly broad spectrum of opinions. 
Before move-in, I think we counted heads. Of course, people need to know ahead 
of time what's being discussed, so that they can know when they have to be 
there for decisions that are important to them.

Back when we needed to have a number for revisiting decisions, I think it was 
1/3 of the membership. (Before move-in) We don't do that anymore. If someone 
has the energy to put together a proposal, we listen to it. When you've been 
living in the community for awhile, the formality of having some sort of 
threshold is unnecessary.

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From: "Nikki Sachs" <nikkisachs [at]>
> Hello,
> We are in the process of deciding.what the quorum for our general meetings
> should be, the minimum number of members who have to be present to
> officially conduct business and consense on binding decisions.  We are also
> discussing the same thing in relation to reopening a previously consensed
> decision to new terms?  How many "votes" have to be in favor of this to do
> it?  What have other communities done?  Thanks.
>      Nikki Sachs for the process team
>      North Oakland Cohousing, a fledgling urban infill cohousing community
> in the Temescal area of Oakland CA.
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