Re: guest etiquette
From: Judy Hecht (
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 17:21:00 -0700 (PDT)
I've stayed in several cohousing guest rooms and been
welcomed with open arms in all of them even though I
wasn't a potential buyer but working on my own
cohousing project in Corvallis. Cohousers gave me
tours, fed me, and were open about what worked for
them and what didn't. A learning experience for me and
a tribute to cohousers!

Every cohousing group did seem to have their own guest
room system. I've had money refused, a nominal fee of
$20 or $25 asked for (one community paid a member that
amount to clean the room), I've been asked to just
clean up after myself, I've helped clean the common
house, helped make dinner, bought my host dinner, and
contributed to one group that was doing environmental
work. I really appreciated the groups that were up
front about what they expected or posted the
expectations in the room. I think it's good to leave a
thank you note in the room as well as thanking your
host personally. I look forward to welcoming people
into my community soon.

Judy Hecht 
CoHo Cohousing

Judy Hecht
CoHo Cohousing

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