Re: a private person in cohousing
From: byron patterson (
Date: Mon, 6 Nov 2006 16:14:55 -0800 (PST)
On 11/6/06, Byron Patterson^ byronpttrsn [at]
Hi, Lynn
This is a very important group study. I a member of CohoDC
a fairly new formed cohousing group in Washington, D.C..
The study will be helpful in developing our group and planning
the design of the community's construction. Thanks

On 11/6/06, Lynn Nadeau <welcome [at]> wrote:

Lynn here, at RoseWind, a long established community in Port Townsend
Washington. This isn't just about caring for the needs of self-identified
introverts. There is a wide spectrum of preferences about communication

We had a successful discussion circle, with summary notes emailed, and
additions made by people who weren't at the circle. It was about How do
like to be contacted? and such.

Topics included
= at your home: drop in any time, knock and enter, call first, assume I
want to meet with people in common spaces and not at my home, I nap in the
afternoons, etc.

=use of email: check all the time, check once a week so phone if it's time
sensitive, fine with emotional content in email, only informational email
please do emotional processing face to face, etc.

= phone preferences- best times, like long chats, want only brief...

You could initiate a survey form, followed by a discussion circle, or
whatever process. I'm feeling it's time to do it again here, as it's been
few years and the population and preferences have evolved. I'm sure you'll
find a lot of variety among even those you see as extroverts.

At the very least, you can email your community, saying you value your
connections with them, and want to let them know what works best for you,
terms of -- whatever your list is, about in home, in common spaces, phone,
email, and so forth.

One other thing we did here, for a while, was that some who found meals
loud and bustling, set up a couple tables in the rec room for a designated
quiet dining area.
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