update on saettedammen
From: Grace Kim (graceschemataworkshop.com)
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2006 09:22:52 -0800 (PST)
I'll chime in on Saettedammen.  I was there in late 2004.

By that time (5 years after Fred's visit), there had been some
significant turnover (although almost 1/4 of the residents were still
the original members).  I think something like 5 members had passed away
in the year prior and as a result they had an influx of young families.
They were actively trying to figure out how to attract more young
families (due to high cost of the homes which had significantly
appreciated over the 30+ years).  

They were also concerned about how to take care of their aging elders
and transfer critical knowledge about the upkeep/maintenance of their
central heating plant and the actual physical structures.  The elders
(including my hosts) were adamantly opposed to leaving the community -
this was THEIR community (not in possessive way but an emotional way.)
They recognized that they could not do all the physical work, but had
the institutional knowledge and time to devote to the upkeep and
outreach (tours).  They were a community in the crossroads and I think
by now, they've probably had to make some decisions about how to deal
with the issues of caring/planning for this aging population. I know
since 2004, my host Ellen Vad also passed away due to cancer.

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