Re: question about seniority of "in between" participants
From: Catya Belfer-Shevett (
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 12:03:06 -0800 (PST)
Hi Jonnie,

On the first two, we subtract any time "out" from the seniority queue. We haven't dealt with the third one.

        - catya

Jonnie Pekelny wrote:
Hi, folks. Okay: another research question from the North Oakland  Cohousing 
membership team. We will need to come up with a system of  seniority, for 
purposes of unit selection, and I've been thinking about  it in the background 
for the past few weeks. Our group is still new  and, for the moment, it's easy 
enough to simply create a system of  seniority based on who joined and paid 
money first. It's also simple to  make a rule that, if a member or associate 
simply stops being involved  and drops out, they lose all seniority.  But I 
anticipate that, as  we go on, we will have ambiguous cases that will need 
dealing with. For  example:
* A member or associate has to take a sabbatical, but maintains their financial commitments and stays in touch with the group, expressing strong interested in becoming active again when they come back.. Where does the member or associate wind up in the seniority structure, when they come back, with respect to new members who've joined since, and old members who've stayed actively involved the whole time? * A member temporarily defaults on their payments because of financial hardship, but then regains their footing and gets back on track. How is their seniority affected? * A member defaults on their payments and can't get back on their footing yet, but is hoping to be able to in the future, so maintains their involvement as an associate. Where does this put them in the associate seniority hierarchy? And so on. I would be interested in hearing from (pre-move-in) groups about how you handle similar seniority issues. Jonnie Pekelny
  North Oakland Cohousing
  Oakland, CA
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