From: mikearnott (
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 17:05:44 -0800 (PST)
Our insurance company is dropping us due to having too many properties in
the area, and if a major catastrophe were to occur they would have too
many claims. Who do other Massachusetts or New England Cohousing
communities use for your insurance? We have had problems getting a good
selection of companies due to our woodworking shop (under lock and key
with designated users signing a release form.) We also have a kids play
room for about the age 6 and under set. We have an arts and craft room
which is locked. Of course we have a common kitchen and dining room. We
have a snowblower and do our own shoveling and blowing (after a hired
company destroyed a new tree, additional plantings and hit a car). We are
also in the process of setting up an exercise room which will also be
under lock and key with designated users only.

To add to a discussion thead that was going on earlier:
We only allow private venders/ workshop people if they have proof of
insurance, and they must have a resident present at all times. Any large
parties such as a wedding reception we require insurance for the alcohol.

Anyone from any part of the country is welcome to give advise on


Mary White
Cornerstone Cohousing Community
Harvey St.
Cambridge MA  

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