Re: Banks Who Financed Cohousing
From: katie-henry (
Date: Fri, 26 Jan 2007 09:46:06 -0800 (PST)
> I am working with a builder in Florida who is needing the names of banks who 
> have successfully funded cohousing projects.

The construction financing for Eastern Village Cohousing, in Silver Spring, MD, 
was provided by BB&T. They also provided mortgages for interested buyers. I 
believe they do business in Florida.

Note that this was a developer-driven project, so it may have looked like a 
normal condominium project to BB&T. They might not even have been aware of the 
cohousing aspect.

Interesting factoid about BB&T from Wikipedia. I'd say this is a point in their 

Response to Kelo v. New London
On January 25, 2006, BB&T announced that it "will not lend to commercial 
developers that plan to build condominiums, shopping malls and other private 
projects on land taken from private citizens by government entities using 
eminent domain", saying that "basic rights" would be violated.[citation needed] 
This was a reaction to the United States Supreme Court's decision in Kelo v. 
New London in 2005 that such takings are permissible.[citation needed]

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