Re: Filtering members in a forming community (nathan schomber)
From: Leah (
Date: Sat, 27 Jan 2007 08:08:17 -0800 (PST)
In our community we have done really well with self selection and I am glad 
that we have so far listened to the wiser and more experienced on this 
listserv. How would I have gotten to know the "mildly crotchety" guy that 
always points out the practical reasons why we are doing something wrong or the 
woman that passionately jumps into every idea without hesitation if I only 
moved in with people like me? However we have now reached the place that we 
knew we would be getting to one day. While nothing is certain until move in, we 
pretty much have one or 2 units left. There are more than 1 or 2 interested 
parties that are interested in those units. One very enthusiastic woman that we 
were really hoping to become part of our community has stopped coming because 
she is not comfortable with "competing" with others that are "in the running" 
for the unit that she would purchase. At one point over a year ago our group 
actually agreed to a set of "values" that we would rank potential
 members on if it came to this place. Although I agreed to it, I stay awake at 
night worrying that I will have to one day "play god" and choose between people 
that would be part of things. 
  The ironic thing is that we have sort of been in this spot before. Quite a 
few times (including when I became a member over 2 years ago) there were more 
interested parties than spots available and people dropped out because of the 
competition aspect that made them uncomfortable. About half of the members of 
my group need to sell other homes to move in to our project this summer and it 
is likely that, again, people will drop out and we will have openings. 

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